Compatibility: Microsoft Edge and the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

Compatibility: Microsoft Edge and the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

Goodbye Explorer, hello Edge! Windows 10 comes packed with a new browser and as with every browser, questions about theme compatibility will arise.

We use Divi 2.4 as our go-to WordPress Theme as it is by far the best place to start nine times out of ten. We’ve tested the theme with the new Edge browser and found it to be as good as Chrome or Firefox. Divi looks good with Microsoft Edge! We’ve broken down the testing a little further down but first, a short explanation of why it’s no surprise that Edge is compatible.

divi screen shot

Will Edge force designers to use ms- browser prefixes like explorer did?

The short answer is yes, but only support legacy code. The ms- prefix or any other prefix will be used less and less as the industry moves towards a more unified code. And it’s not just CSS. You can read more about how Edge is washing away the sins of Microsoft Explorer across ActiveX, VBScript, attachEvent and more, right here.

So it looks like (for once) Microsoft have put developers and designers first in it’s design and implementation of Edge.

Even the ‘Inspect Element’ option is clean and beautifully helpful!

inspect element


Here’s a detailed breakdown of the testing we carried out:

Primary to Fixed header transitionsPerfect
Drop down menu animationsPerfect
Dropdown sub menu animationsPerfect
Transition to mobile menuPerfect
Secondary header dropdown animationsPerfect
Viewport resizing column movementsPerfect
Active link settingsPerfect
Desktop to mobile menu transitionPerfect
Search box animationPerfect
Background videoPerfect
Slider transitionsPerfect
Action Button customizations & animationsPerfect
Sidebar menu (dots)Perfect
Side menuPerfect
Image animationsPerfect
Blurb Icon animationsPerfect
Counter module animationsPerfect
OverlaysNearly perfect: Ever so slight delay on sizing the overlay to match custom sized colums/images causes a single pixel white line on the right hand side.
Parallax settingsPerfect
Back to top buttonPerfect
On hover text adjustments ( colour/opacity)Perfect
Shop Module (handling woo elements)Perfect
Sizing social icons & hover statesPerfect
Blog module GRIDPerfect
Blog module FULL WIDTHPerfect
Portfolio GridNearly perfect: Portfolio overlay has the single pixel edge showing briefly.
Contact formPerfect
Clickable numbers and emailsPerfect
Toggle transitions and animationsPerfect
Audio PlayerPerfect
Elegant IconsPerfect
Bar CounterPerfect
Pricing module + and -, Action button transitionsPerfect
Countdown timerPerfect
Column resizingPerfect
Person modulePerfect
Testimonial modulePerfect
Login modulePerfect
Subscribe modulePerfect
Map modulePerfect
Map pinsPerfect
Map lock scrollPerfect
Video sliderNearly perfect: a slight lag in page load for those containing the video slider, compared to Chrome.
Video slider image overlaysPerfect
Boxed layoutPerfect
Fullwidth layoutPerfect
Loading custom fontsPerfect
Font awesome / external iconsNearly perfect: noticed a slight lag in loading header icon fonts.
Logo on leftPerfect
Logo on topPerfect
Logo centered in menuPerfect
Loading third party scripts (FB like box, SoundCloud etc)Perfect (faster than Chrome)
Divider modulePerfect
Customizer functionalityPerfect


Further Information: Although Divi works perfectly from the perspective of the user, there are slight issues with Edge’s browser cache and it can become confusing when editing a site. When it comes to designing Divi sites, We’ll be sticking to Chrome, at least for now. We’ll update this post as updates come through. We expect they’ll be thick and fast.


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  1. Excellent SJ – an enormous help and a bit of a relief as I have now downloaded Win !0 – Thanks for doing the research we all should have done and getting it out there as soon as you could.

    Divi 2.4 here I come…

    • Stephen

      Thanks for the words Andrew. Thanks for taking the time to read it too :)


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