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Divi Module Editor

Make powerful visual changes to the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

Take control of the Divi Theme

Divi Module Editor is an ever growing catalogue of CSS edits available for Divi. Click any one of our unique edit cards to have a code copied to your clipboard, then simply paste into the desired module. Instant changes. Complete control. Zero Code.

Modifying the Divi Theme has never been easier. It is no longer necessary to know the ins and outs of CSS to make edits that even the most accomplished front-end developers would be proud of. Check out the pricing tables for a breakdown of features.


Click and paste CSS edits

Simply click on the changes you want to make and paste the unique ID into your module.


Complete control. Zero code.

We’ve written the code so you don’t have to. Making powerful changes to your Divi Theme has never been so simple.


Full ongoing support

Divi is one of the most versatile themes on the market. Divi module editor builds on that versatility and will do so for a very long time to come. We’re committed to doing new and exciting things with Divi and will support you all the way as you do the same.

Divi Module Editor

You can't go wrong with free! This version has some basic edits to get you started.
  • Email support
  • Grid blog edits
  • Grayscale maps
  • Blurb image transitions
  • Diagonal sections
  • Curved bottom sections
  • Text size, colour and background
  • Reduce padding by 50%
  • Menu link borders
  • Side images for blogs
  • Full height slider
  • Device specific changes
  • Custom tabs
  • Images centered
  • Custom accordions
  • Custom portfolios
Get it now

Lets build the biggest repository of Divi modifications ever.

This plugin gives you access to the CSS edits that we’ve been blogging about, talking about and pulling our hair out over for the last six months. We’ve got lots more to add but many hands make light work. Together we can build the biggest single selection of CSS modifications for the Divi theme ever.

If you have an edit you’d like to commit to the repository, let us know in the contact form below and we’ll add it into the next version of this plugin. If there’s something you’re desperate to see added here then tell us and we’ll get to work.

Let us know what you think or commit your own CSS edits to future versions

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