Divi Theme Update: The unknown feature

Divi Theme Update: The unknown feature

The Divi theme by Elegant Themes was recently updated to incorporate some pretty impressive multiple language compatibility. But if you’re happy to work in English, what’s new?

Well actually, there is quite a cool new feature. You may have missed it because it was packaged into the ‘fixes’ section of the blog announcing the update. A surprising move, considering the functionality that it adds is a common ask in the comments sections of previous update announcements, and is the subject of discussion over on the Facebook Divi Group a couple of times a month.

Offsetting the blog module

new feature divi

From Divi 2.3 and up you can choose to offset the blog module. This gives you a whole lot more freedom when creating the layout of a blog section. Let me give you an example;

Before this update there was no easy way to create a blog section that had, for example, one large post across the top, followed by three smaller posts in grid mode.

divi feature example

Trying this resulted in the first blog of the grid mode being a duplicate of the large blog across the top. Bummer.

Offsetting fixes that. In this case you would simply offset the grid module section by one and voila! Blogs go in order as you’d expect and everyone is happy.

Why this is such a cool feature

Firstly, it rights one of the very few wrongs in Divi. It’s a great theme but not being able to place blogs in order and still use different sized modules was a bit of an oversight. All is forgiven now.

Secondly, it now means that we can spread blogs out across a home page, without duplicating posts or getting inventive with categories.

So if you didn’t know about it, you do now. If you did, have you used it?

You can find the option in the blog module menu.

offset blog module





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  1. wonderful of you to point this out, well written , I’m sure we will see this a lot , great tip!

    • Stephen

      Thank you Susan! It’s a cool feature. We’ve already implemented it on our blog page :)

  2. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for explaining this. I’ve had to get inventive with categories and it was a pain. This is such a neat little trick to know.

    ps: why aren’t you using the disqus plugin for comments?



  3. Nice one, being thinking about this when I discovered it however, I jumped forward to use categories to create layout blog post but not anymore. This is cool.



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