Linking to a Divi Theme comment

Linking to a Divi Theme comment

This is what _______ thinks of our latest blog. What do you think?

_________ had an interesting response to our blog on WordPress comments…


There’s a bunch of reasons you may want to link users to a specific blog comment. With WordPress it’s easy.

I’m using the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes for this example but it should be the same or very similar if you’re using WordPress and a respectable theme.

Step 1 – Targeting the comment.

example gritty blog comments

If you hover over the edit button on the blog post you’d like to target, you’ll see a comment ID appear in the bottom left corner.

“What if I’m not logged in?”

If you’re not logged in or it’s not your blog then the ‘edit button’ won’t be visible to you. You can still find the comment ID by right clicking on the comment and inspecting the element.

example gritty blog comments not logged in

Step 2 – Creating a unique URL

The number shown here can be used to create a unique URL for that comment. In this case, comment number 20 could be targeted by adding #comment-28 to the end of the post URL, like so…

Simple right? Linking to comments is a great way to share specific engagements across your social channels and keep the conversation rolling.

I hope you’ll find this useful with your own blogs and comments.


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