I originally posted this list of tools for finding brand mentions online, on LinkedIn. I’m sharing it here in the hope you’ll find it useful. I’ve personally used all of these tools and think they’re great at what they do. Please let me know if you have a killer tool that helps find conversations.


The Apple owned search tool cuts through millions of social media posts to find the ones you care about. By ranking the results on influence as well as relevance, you can easily view the threads that are most likely to affect your business.


Social Mention measures influence across four key factors; sentiment, passion, reach and strength. If TOPSY didn’t deliver in the “mentions overview” category, this will.

TWITTER (advanced search)

Hidden in Twitter is the ability to perform much better targeted search. Make correlations between words, base results on sentiment, narrow the field down geographically. It’s all there.


Backtweets helps you search through historic tweets and find the people who shared your URLs, even if they’ve been shortened. Finding popular content is a great way of seeing what you’ve made before that has resonated with Twitter users.


Google Alerts now searches conversations via tweets and open profiles on other platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, which means you’re much more likely to find relevant conversations.

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